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Periodically I request anonymous feedback from my clients to make sure I'm on track and providing good service.  These are some of the things clients have said over the years about working with me.  

What clients have said about working with me...

"Karen is one in a million! The time I spent with Karen was truly life changing for me. The support and guidance I received is something that I will never forget." 

"Karen is a very qualified and caring professional. She has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She was always caring and compassionate and provided me with the tools to help myself find my way back. I will be eternally grateful for the love and support she has shown me."

"Karen offers a patient and supportive ear.  She guides you to find solutions on your own. I never felt judged regardless of the intimate details I shared with her.  She allowed me to explore my relationship and offered insight I couldn't have found on my own." 

"I met with Karen during a very difficult break-up. Karen was vital in giving me an outsider's professional perspective while being supportive and encouraging of my progress. She was realistic and had a positive and gentle way of "giving it to you straight."

"Karen was not only a therapist to me, but a friend. I looked forward to my sessions with her - it was similar to talking to friend, in the compassion and sense of openness she exuded. Yet she was extremely insightful and really was able to hone in on the underlying issues, in order to make a change. I would recommend Karen to anyone. She helped turn my life around. I am very grateful to Karen."

"I do not believe that my personal growth would be at its existing level without Karen's guidance. Books help, but there is nothing like the insights that Karen provides. She has been instrumental with helping me to find those pathways that have not only greatly improved my relationships, but also my career to. Looking into my own issues and working through these has been one of the best things I have done from myself"

"I'd just like to personally thank her for all the growth over the year of intensive work we did together. Thank her for holding that space for me and for guiding me through that chapter of my life. I'm forever grateful."

"Many "professionals" charge an arm and a leg and boast educational backgrounds, training that may rival or prove superior to Karen's, ok....that's nice, but results, sincerity, and a relationship that fosters openness and thriving is what measures therapy success. She makes sense. She can deal with anything thrown her way, no matter how personal, embarrassing, shameful....I'd HIGHLY recommend Karen and I have......"

"Karen is the best! Always able to meet when needed, open to new ideas, easy to communicate with."

"She rocks!" 

"Karen was extremely calm and intuitive with a knack at getting to the issue and great strategies for growth."

"As a busy professional woman, dating after divorce felt more difficult to navigate than graduate school. I am thankful for Karen's guidance, wisdom and healing with a compassionate heart. I have been able to recognize and work on dysfunction patterns that were in my behavior and belief system. If you are in a relationship transition, learning how to be single again, or trying to take your relationship to a deeper level, I strongly recommend working with Karen." 

"Karen is empathetic, compassionate, insightful, and not to mention, a great listener. Her ability to focus on what tools may help me, individually, overcome my challenges allow for progress every week."

"Karen was the most down to earth counselor I've been to and I've been struggling with issues since I was a teenager. She helped me to feel inspired and cared about. I felt she truly cared about me as a person and not just a client. She even gave me her email address to counsel me when I didn't have an appointment as part of the process. This was so helpful since I could free flow my feelings and process things when they came to the surface and not have to wait for the appointment. I strongly recommend Karen and have to several of my close friends."