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Brainspotting: A Tool to Help You Live Better

David Grand, founder of Brainspotting, brainspottinginternational.orgDavid Grand, Founder of Brainspotting Brainspottinginternational.org

Brainspotting is a powerful healing tool that allows access and release of painful emotional experiences held deep within the brain.  When a client wants to address a painful issue, I help them locate a “Brainspot” by guiding their eyes to different positions or tracking where their eyes gaze automatically. The Brainspot is identified either by the therapist noticing unconscious reflexes (blinks, swallows, coughs, movements, etc.) or the client becoming aware of distinct body sensations depending on where they are looking.  Often clients have a “felt sense” of where the Brainspot is.  Once the Brainspot is located, clients begin to process sensations, memories and unconscious experiences.  Clients may share these experiences out loud or it may be a quiet internal process.  Sometimes clients will feel strong emotions and body sensations that feel strange, intense or uncomfortable.  In this state of focused mindfulness, I ask clients to notice and follow their sensations and experiences, letting their brain go where it needs in order to naturally heal the painful experiences.  After doing Brainspotting sessions, clients report feeling lighter, less anxious, stressed and depressed, more at peace, and even physical pain goes away or diminishes.  Clients may notice this immediately or over time in more subtle ways as the brain continues to process and heal.  

For more detailed information about Brainspotting, visit Brainspotting.com

Brainspotting may help you: 

  • Release conscious and unconscious traumas
  • Ease the memory and experience of painful memories and situations
  • Unhook from the heaviness of depression
  • Feel less anxious and more free
  • Unleash your creativity and mental focus
  • Alleviate physical pain
  • Enhance athletic/artistic performance
  • And so much more! 

Articles and Research Supporting Brainspotting

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