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Individual Therapy

Specializing in Personal Growth Therapy to Release Painful Emotions and Improve Your Self Esteem and Relationships

If you're here looking for individual therapy, you might be feeling stuck in your life.  Maybe you keep repeating old patterns or can't seem to achieve what you want for your life.  You might even be struggling with tough emotions like depression or anxiety, or have gone through a major breakup or loss.  You might be thinking that you just can't figure things out on your own anymore.  That's okay.  We all need help sometimes to navigate life's challenges.  You don't have to do it on your own.  I am here to help.  

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I'm a therapist with many years experience working with individuals just like you.  I've been trained in both traditional cognitive therapy methods as well as cutting edge body & brain based therapies designed to unlock the unconscious and heal you on a deep level!  I feel so blessed to be a part of my clients' journeys of healing and personal growth.  I look forward to being a part of your journey too!

I can help you:

  1. Experience deep support, nurturing and guidance.
  2. Develop key insights and accountability to change destructive behaviors.
  3. Unlock and heal unconscious patterns that keep you stuck or feeling bad about yourself.
  4. Learn tools to ease emotional pain and just feel better.
  5. Personally grow so that you can live your best life!

"Karen is a very qualified and caring professional. She has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She was always caring and compassionate and provided me with the tools to help myself find my way back. I will be eternally grateful for the love and support she has shown me."

Individual Therapy Services

  • Depression Therapy
  • Anxiety Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management
  • Personal Growth and Self Esteem/Empowerment
  • Life Transitions such as divorce, job changes, relocation, major illness and loss of a loved one
  • Brainspotting Therapy

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