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5 Reasons to Do Premarital Counseling

Often when couples get engaged, they don’t think they need premarital counseling.  They say things like, “We’re in a good place! Why would we need counseling?” Others are afraid counseling will make things worse or bring negativity into the relationship.   Yet happy, healthy couples learn how to nurture a "growth mindset."  It's important to start early in your relationship an ability to communicate, explore and grow.  And, nearly all the premarital couples I’ve worked with over the years had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

Here are 5 Reasons to Do Premarital Counseling  

  1. Get access to tons of questions, tools and resources with my relationship guide for new couples, “We’re In Love!...Now What? The Essential Guide for Building Your New Life Together.
  2. Have guided discussions about topics you may not have thought about: parenting, finances, sex, in-laws, religion/culture, personality, emotional needs, conflict styles and resolution and much more!
  3. Learn what can happen in marriage over time and how to divorce proof yours.
  4. Get to know each other on a deeper level and become even closer.
  5. Practice talking about tough subjects with an experienced guide and gain confidence about issues that you already face or might face in the future.

Here's What Other Premarital Couples Have Said

"We both agree that it was the best money spent on the wedding! You gave us so much to think and talk about, that we hadn't considered, and we have continued to use the tools you offered us. Our time with you, and the "homework", really feel like an investment in our life together, and provided us areas we can continue to talk about, learn, and grow. Thank you for that!"

"Karen was super helpful in our pre-marital counseling. She worked efficiently with us to cover all the bases necessary for us to feel great about this next step in our lives. Even though my (now) husband and I had been together for 5 years when we saw Karen, she was able to ask questions of us that we shared with each other, that was both news to us. Thanks again."

"In premarital counseling Karen helped us to not only recognize the things that are exceptional about our relationship, but also face the hard topics that can easily be brushed under the carpet and cause problems later. Our meetings really prepared a foundation of understanding for us to build our trust in each other over the years. Thanks, Karen!"

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