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10 Ways to Say I Love You! 

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just for lovers.  Finding ways to say I love you is an important part of our emotional and mental health.  The expression of love expands our hearts and gives us a sense of deep fulfillment. It's often the way we feel most human and alive.  How will you show love to your partner, your kids, your parents, your friends, your pet or even yourself this Valentine's Day? 

Here are 10 Ways to Say I Love You! 

  1. Send flowers or a little gift to your partner's parent/family member.
  2. Play with your pet or take them on an especially long or stimulating walk. 
  3. Send your best friend handwritten letter telling s/he all the ways they matter to you. 
  4. Pay for someone's groceries, gas or lotto ticket. 
  5. Give flowers or chocolates to your assistant, apartment manager, maintenance person or anyone else who doesn't get thanked enough. 
  6. Dance with your spouse to your wedding song or look at photos from your wedding.
  7. Make your kid's favorite meal or have "breakfast for dinner." 
  8. Share a story with your mom or dad about some moment growing up that meant a lot to you.
  9. Love yourself by writing down every accomplishment you can think of for the last 5 years.  Pretend there is a big prize for how much you can brag about yourself. 
  10. Tell the story of their birth to your kids or put it in a note with their baby picture. 

I know which ones I'm going to do! How about you?