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How to Appreciate Your Spouse

Wondering all the best way for how to appreciate your spouse? There are so many ways to appreciate each other. By doing so,  you can literally erase the distance, magically improve communication and keep your brain in a more positive space when it comes to your relationship. The day to day busyness of our lives often challenges our energy for putting this kind of attention on each other. We forget to do the little things. Heck, sometimes we forget to do the big things!  It takes practice, cultivating good habits and a commitment to create the best relationship you can have.  

Here are a Few Ideas for How to Appreciate Your Spouse 

1. Foot rubs, back rubs, neck rubs. You get it-- rubs on any body part is likely to be appreciated!

2. Taking on a task your partner normally does; doing it without asking or announcing. Just do it. 

3. Taking a night or an afternoon to have your partner share their dreams, their "bucket list," and plan how you might accomplish a few of them.

4. Write a little note and put it with their lunch or in their purse. Write an expression of love or thank them for something small or big.

5. Announce it's their "special day" where they get to do anything they want. Make it special for them by arranging things (like spa days or sporting events) or simply by just removing obstacles to enjoyment and peace.

6. Bring home a little gift (or a big gift). Something they've been talking about for a while but think you weren't paying attention to.

7. Call his or her parent or another family member to say hello or do something something nice for that person. Tell that family member "thank you" for being a part of making your partner such a great person.

8. Tell each other DAILY that you appreciate your partner's cooking, doing the dishes, putting the kids to bed. These daily things get overlooked because they're just "supposed" to be done and nobody needs to be thanked, right? But, if you don't thank each other, who will? We all love to be appreciated, even for the little things we have to do anyway.

Do some or all of these things on a regular basis and you'll be amazed at how well you get along, communicate and just feel close!